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                                             VNS Board of Trustees Brick Drive

The Village Nursery School is proud to say that we are nearing the 25th year in our current facility; a place that we feel reflects the spirit and culture of VNS.  This year we are looking forward to continuing our long-standing tradition of improving not only the educational experience for our students, but also their learning environment.

To make our current renovation goals a reality, we have set a 2016 fundraising target of $25,000. We invite family and friends to join the effort, celebrate their personal connection with VNS, and contribute in a very unique and memorable way – the VNS Brick Drive.

The VNS Brick Drive will allow us to reinvest in our school and upgrade our grounds in a multipurpose way.  Namely, the proceeds from your donations will enable us to improve our main and rear entranceways by overhauling appearance, safety, and functionality.  The personalized bricks that you sponsor will not only pave the way into the building but also reflect the sense of community, love and continued tradition that VNS represents in Harvard. Every brick counts!

The Village Nursery School community is looking forward to our next 20 years of providing a bright, happy space in which our children can grow and learn.  We offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who continues to invest in VNS and our children’s future.