Extended Day


• Program for 2 yr olds
• Friday Class for 2.9 (January-June)
• Preschool & pre-K
• Extended Day – More Options
• Enrichment
• Summer Program

VNS operates for 36 weeks each academic year and generally follows the Harvard public school calendar.
We begin in September and end in June.

2021-2022 Calendar


Extended Day Programs


4Extend your child’s day at VNS!

Early Morning Drop Off

Anytime between 8-9am $11.25

Extended Day

Monday-Thurs until 3pm  $11/hr

Fridays 1-2pm $11 per day

*Drop in or regular attendance

*Drop ins require one day advance notice for early morning drop off

Afternoon Extended Day

This program follows a predictable schedule, but allows for a less structured program than children have experienced in their morning classes.

Afternoons include a quiet rest time, snack, free-play, center activities, stories, and outside time.

Families are invoiced monthly for the program time used.