View From The Village

The Village Nursery School was founded in Harvard, MA in 1953 by a group of local families along with Dr. Abigail Elliot, a nationally known pioneer in early childhood education. Dr. Elliot’s principles were the guiding light in forming the philosophy of The Village Nursery School, which are still followed today. According to Dr. Elliot;  “Children are persons; education should always be thought of as guidance which influences the development of persons; maturing and learning must go hand in hand in the process of development; it is important that personalities be well balanced.” Here, Dr. Elliot was outlining the basis for Developmentally Appropriate Practice

At VNS, we value children as individuals. Teachers work hard at the very beginning of each school year to get to know children and families well, and to establish close, positive relationships. In knowing each child, they are able to use their knowledge and understanding of child development to tailor their curriculum to each new group. By offering interesting activities that allow for both a challenge and success, teachers facilitate children’s development and growth at their own unique pace.

Through our education, training, and experience, VNS teachers know that children learn best by doing. Thoughtful environments and materials are offered to encourage exploration, imagination, cooperation, and fun. Teachers are constantly observing and noting where they can take advantage of opportunities to extend children’s play and challenge their thinking. By embracing Developmentally Appropriate Practice, we acknowledge the vale and role of play in children’s learning.